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Game Authors The Great Wobo Escape

Office Address

gamificc games s.r.o.

60200 Brno
Česká republika

Basic information

Gamifi.cc is an independently run game development studio from Brno, Czech Republic. Its members have experience in creating games for Windows, XBOX360 and Windows Phone platforms since 2007. Team gamifi.cc is a Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011 and 2012 world finalists in Game Design category. The game Yggdrasil: The Tree of Life won 6th place in Sydney, Australia in 2012 out of 106 teams in worldwide finale. In New York, USA in 2011, critically acclaimed game Firefighters: Whatever it takes! won 3rd place.

Basic info:

David Jozefov, Rudolf Kajan, Matej Jariabka, Martin Wilczak

Current Status:

1-5 (The South Moravian Region)
50% (CZ)
50% (SK)


Company headquarters:
gamificc games s.r.o.
Lidická 700/19, Veveří
60200 Brno
Česká republika
Phone number:+421903029683

Games Projects

The Great Wobo Escape

2015 | Android, iOS, PC, Windows Phone

Open positions

gamifi.cc games There are currently no open positions.
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This profile is under direct administration of gamifi.cc games

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